January 13: Another batch of new specimens has been posted. Check it out here.
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Azurite with Gypsum
Ray Mine
Mineral Creek District


Gypsum 'octopus', 12 cm
Guangdong Province, China
Jeff Scovil photo
Dragon Minerals

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Kunzite 'sail', 8.5 cm
Pala Chief Mine, California
Jeff Scovil photo

Pyros the Dragon
Naturally etched Pyrite thumbnail
Purple Hope Claim, Washington

"Dreaming of tourmaline is supposed to insure success through superior knowledge but there seems to be no evidence that the residents of tourmaline mining areas in Maine or California, where such dreams are particularly common, are any better off as a result." -- John Sinkankas (1971)

"A mine is a hole in the ground, owned by a liar."  -- Mark Twain (?)

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January 13, 2019: Another batch of new specimens posted. The updates can be viewed here.

January 4, 2019: Another batch of new specimens posted. The updates can be viewed here.

December 27, 2018: Another batch of new specimens posted. The updates can be viewed here.

December 16, 2018: Another batch of new specimens posted. The updates can be viewed here.

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