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Gypsum 'octopus', 12 cm.
Guangdong Province, China.
Jeff Scovil photo.
Dragon Minerals

Kunzite 'sail', 8.5 cm.
Pala Chief Mine, California.
Jeff Scovil photo

Affordable minerals, common and rare.

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"Dreaming of tourmaline is supposed to insure success through superior knowledge but there seems to be no evidence that the residents of tourmaline mining areas in Maine or California, where such dreams are particularly common, are any better off as a result." --John Sinkankas (1971)

"A mine is a hole in the ground, owned by a liar." --Mark Twain (?)

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Updates and News

November 6, 2018: Website reorganized. See minerals for sale here.

Ordering Information

To order specimens, request e-mail notification of updates or just ask questions send e-mail to

Shipping costs: About $7 for first specimen sent by priority mail in the United States, and about $1.00 or less for each additional specimen, in most cases. Heavier specimens may cost more. Actually shipping costs will be calculated when you place your order. International shipping costs generally higher. Please request insurance if desired. No claims for breakage or other damage can be accepted on uninsured orders. 

Orders shipped to California addresses are subject to 9.25 % California (Los Angles County) sales tax, unless you provide a valid resale number.

Pay by PayPal (preferred method; direct your payment to, Visa, MasterCard, Discover card, American Express, personal check, or money order also accepted. Trade offers also considered.

We buy specimens, even quality personally-collected material.  Please contact us if you have material for sale.

2.5 cm = 25 mm = 1.0 inches

In specimen descriptions "no damage" does not include the usual breaks, cleaves, and contact points that occur along the edge or bottom of a specimen where removed from matrix.

Stands and other items used to display specimens for photography are not included, unless otherwise specified. If you want a stand shown in a picture, please feel free to ask. Most stands used for photography are available for three dollars or less.

Return Policy: Specimens may be returned up to ten days after their arrival, no questions asked, for a full refund, minus shipping and insurance costs. It is expected that the specimens will be returned in the same condition in which they were received. Please ask before returning any specimens.

We proudly use recycled packaging material whenever possible.

Specimen Sizes

Show Schedule
Come see Dragon Minerals at these shows:
2018Thanks for a great year. See you again in 2019!

March 2 and 3: Ventura Gem & Mineral Society Annual Show (Ventura, California)
March 2 - 10: California Federation of Mineralogical Societies Annual Show (Pomona, California)
May 4 and 5: Searchers Gem and Mineral Society Annual Show (Anaheim, California)
May 10 - 12: West Coast Gem & Mineral Show (Spring) (Costa Mesa, California) Note new date
June: Fiesta of Gems (Culver City, California)
October: Fall Festival of Gems (Fallbrook, California)
October: Woodland Hills Rock Chippers Gem & Minerals Show (West Hills, California)
November: Gem Diego (San Diego, California)
November 22 - 24: West Coast Gem & Mineral Show (Fall) (Costa Mesa, California)

            If you would like to have Dragon Minerals at your show please send e-mail to!

Contact Us


Customer Comments

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say the minerals arrived and that they are fantastic - really nice, 'old-time' specimens are hard to come by at fair prices these days, and I appreciate the opportunity to get these Bisbee specimens from you. Expert packing and nice labels as well which are always good to have. Feel free to use any of that on your website under your testimonials section if you want."

"Just wanted to say thanks! The minerals arrived today. Beautiful! Just the way you have packaged the minerals was worth the money! :-)"

"Just received the specimen from on line purchase.  Excellent!  And appreciate the professional invoice, packing, and reasonable shipping....and the specimen label.  I will be return customer."

"Your fair prices facilitate my interest in collecting minerals."

"My rocks arrived today. Thank you for the speedy shipping. I am so pleased with them, especially the celestine and calcite. But as I am a systematic collector, I'm also very happy to have the buergerite and analcime. Nice thumbnails of those are not so easy to come by, especially not at such affordable prices. Thank you very much!"

"The specimens arrived safely today....The barites are absolutely stunning, terrific color, clarity and form, thank you very much."

"Just a quick email to say thanks very much for the last batch of minerals that I purchased from you. The giant hübnerite crystal is just amazing. The large poldervaartite is also very beautiful, and the orpiment/picropharmacolite is extremely nice and free from damage. Best wishes from Canada."

"...I was able to pick up the seven (in total) minerals... I am very pleased with every one of them - and was especially happy about the Brazilianite and Scheelite, both of which are just beautiful.  (Finding these less common minerals, at prices I can afford, is a challenge!!)  Also, the packaging was excellent. Thanks again for a good website and a most interesting selection of minerals at good prices."

"The large box of minerals arrived today, all in perfect condition, and quite magnificent!  The Barite is an absolute stunner, and so is the Cavansite.  I don't know when you're going to update again, but let me know when you do."

"Arsenic specimen arrived in good condition and is now a proud new addition to my elements section! Thanks very much for that one! Really choice!"

"Both specimens arrived today and they are just great. No damage in packing. I am very happy with this purchase. Your description and pictures were good, but the specimens are far better looking in reality. Many thanks for all. I will be on the watch for others you have."

"Thank you for your nice affordable offerings. I wish to order 15 items from your display."

" the second package and contents are AOK. Just want to say everything was excellent and look forward to doing more buying from you.....the ferberite/apatite form Portugal makes a excellent display piece and has a lot to look at under the scope."

"I received the pyrite, and I am very pleased with it.  Thank you very much.  I will certainly buy from you again!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing specimens!  Your order processing was fast, the shipping was lightning fast, the minerals were exquisitely wrapped, and the prices are amazingly affordable!!  I'll definitely be buying from you again! Can you add me to your email list for website updates?"

"Hey Steve, I nearly forgot to thank you.  I appreciate your making up the fluorite pages... they are really great specimens, and the packaging, labeling, and shipping was absolutely top notch!!  I hope the rest of those specimens move fast... there were some really nice ones I had to pass up on."

"The fluorite and aquamarine specimens arrived today. There was no damage. I am pleased with them. You have a new customer."

"Thanks so much for getting the package to us so quickly.  I know you were pressed for time, we want to thank you for your efforts.  ....  We love all the items especially the Aquamarine, the color and size was great!"

"The package with my purchase arrived today. The specimen IS what I hoped I was buying, and it arrived in excellent condition. That was a very good packing job."

"I got my package today and was very impressed. Everything is better than I expected. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you so much."

"I got my rocks today & I would like to say that I’m extremely satisfied with them."

"Hello!  I received the minerals and I am very happy!  Thanks again!"

"Just paying for the minerals you have on hold for me. Received the other minerals yesterday. The dioptase was the best one I have seen!!!! Thanks again!"

"The 2 Montana vanadinites I ordered from you arrived safely this morning.  Thanks for excellent packing, instructions and prompt shipping!!"

"The packaged arrived today in perfect timing. My son will bring them to school for his project tomorrow. Thank you very much for the great specimens. They are much better than the pictures from web pages. We would also like to thank you for the calcite and amethyst quartz cluster as gifts. Although the amethyst quartz cluster is a miniature size but has perfect shape and terminations. I love it. Thanks again for the amazing specimen of rocks."

"Thanks!!  We received them and they are great!!  Great shipping too!!  Another satisfied purchase from Dragon Minerals!!"

"Thanks for the great specimens which arrived yesterday.  I won't have a chance to study the pyrites up close before the weekend but they looked impressive and interesting at first glance. The calcite and even more so the galena were very pleasant surprises, much better than the photos show. I am very happy with my items and look forward to visiting your store again."

"Hey Steve!  Received your package last week. Great specimens, good value, detailed labels, well packed, quick delivery. Thanks"

"I got my first batch of minerals from you today, and am SO PLEASED! They are all beautiful, and I can't wait to see your next installment on your website! Yahooo! It's always exciting to discover (or in this case, [another customer] turned me on to your minerals and your site) a new collector."

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Dragon Minerals features affordable mineral specimens such as fluorite, gold, tourmaline, calcite, quartz, rhodochrosite, pyrite, beryl, copper, aquamarine, silver, galena, barite, amethyst, vanadinite, Arizona, apatite, dioptase, benitoite, brazilianite, emerald, celestite, celestine, anatase, chrysoberyl, silver, acanthite, phenakite, phenacite, ruby, millerite, corundum, citrine, proustite, cassiterite, annabergite, natrolite, rhodochrosite, garnet, sapphire