Gypsum - The Octopus
Guangdong, China
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Dragon Minerals
Affordable minerals, common and rare.

Tourmaline - Cratertop
Himalaya Mine, San Diego County, California
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Ordering and Other Information    Show Schedule

Ordering and Other Information

Show Schedule -- Come see Dragon Minerals at these shows

October 13: Festival of Gems (Fallbrook, California)
November 2-3: Gem Diego (San Diego, California)
November 8-10: West Coast Gem & Mineral Show (Fall) (Santa Ana, California)  Find us in room 179. Big sale! Most items will be 10-50% of at this show!

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    Dragon Minerals features affordable mineral specimens, common and rare, such as gypsum, fluorite, gold, tourmaline, calcite, quartz, rhodochrosite, pyrite, beryl, copper, aquamarine, morganite, silver, galena, barite, amethyst, citrine, vanadinite, apatite, dioptase, benitoite, brazilianite, emerald, ruby, sapphire, corundum, celestine (celestite), anatase, rutile, brookite, chrysoberyl, acanthite, pyrargyrite, argentite, proustite, phenakite (phenacite), millerite, cassiterite, annabergite, garnet, spessartine, grossular, almandine, and many others.